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Organic Skin Care through Cutting edge Ayurveda

Redefining Luxury Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology With Ancient Vedic Wisdom

The Story Behind The Brand

As a doctor hailing from the esteemed tradition of Ayurveda in Kerala, I was confronted with a profound challenge when my eldest daughter, embarking on her college journey, fell victim to the allure of mainstream beauty products. Her experimentation with various creams led to a distressing allergic reaction, manifesting in severe facial swelling and exfoliation—a harrowing sight for any parent, especially one cognizant of the potential renal risks associated with certain chemical-laden skincare solutions.

This pivotal moment ignited within me a fervent resolve to create a safe, natural alternative—one that not only nurtured the skin but also safeguarded the body’s vital systems. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of Ayurvedic wisdom, I meticulously formulated a brightening and anti-acne cream using a fusion of 24 traditional botanical ingredients, following the venerable Vedic methodologies

The results of this endeavour were nothing short of transformative, eliciting profound satisfaction from those who experienced its efficacy first-hand. Encouraged by the resounding positive feedback from friends and family, we christened our inaugural creation as the Saparya Vedic Face Glow Cream.

Driven by the overwhelming demand and unwavering confidence in our product, we embarked on the journey of scaling up production, collaborating with reputable manufacturers to ensure consistency and quality. Thus began our foray into the realm of skincare, guided by a steadfast commitment to harnessing nature’s bounty for holistic well-being.

Today, our legacy is defined by the enduring success of Saparya Vedic, a testament to the harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation in skincare—an odyssey sparked by a father’s concern and culminating in a brand SAPARYA VEDIC, formulated in Vedic ways and preserved with advanced methods, synonymous with purity, efficacy, and the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda.

Our Value

Saparyuvedic isn’t just creams and scrubs. It’s about feeling beautiful naturally! We use the best ingredients from nature to nourish your skin and help you shine. Our products are more than just skincare – they’re a way to pamper yourself and discover your inner glow. Plus, we care about the planet, so we use eco-friendly practices. Join Saparyuvedic for natural beauty that’s good for you and the Earth!

Organic Product

Sulphate Free

Paraben free

What Our Customers Say

We’re not just blending beauty products, we’re crafting experiences. Hear real voices from our radiant Saparyuvedic community and discover how our natural formulations have unlocked their inner glow

Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic healing system that emphasizes balance and harmony. Our products are formulated with Ayurvedic principles in mind, using natural ingredients to nourish your skin based on its unique needs. This promotes a healthy, balanced complexion and a natural, radiant glow.

Many of our Ayurvedic formulas are gentle enough for sensitive skin. However, we always recommend a patch test on a small area of your arm before applying any new product to your entire face or body. Additionally, some products may be specifically formulated for sensitive skin – look for keywords like “calming” or “soothing” in the product descriptions.

We incorporate a variety of powerful Ayurvedic botanicals into our products. Some common ingredients include nourishing herbs like Ashwagandha, turmeric for its brightening properties, and calming Gotu Kola. Each product page details the specific Ayurvedic ingredients used and their benefits.

No! We prioritize your well-being. Our Ayurvedic formulations are free from harsh chemicals like sulphates and parabens, making them gentle and suitable for most skin types.

We currently don’t offer individual product samples. However, we do offer curated sample sets that allow you to try a selection of our products before committing to a full size.

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